Coastal Plastics is a plastics manufacturing company specializing in custom extrusion and compounding with customers located in the US and internationally.&nsbp; We pride ourselves on close customer relationships with special attention to quality of product, quick turn around, and customer satisfaction.  Some of our services include:

Extrusion Molding

Extrusion molding is the process of melting plastic and pushing it through a specially shaped die, which results in long, tube-like objects.

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Compounding is accomplished by blending molten plastic with additives. The resutling polymer can then be used for further processing.

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Specialty Products

We also provide specialized products for various diverse industries such as sediment-core analysis and waste water treatment.

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Coastal Plastics extrudes plastic profiles and tubes in thermoplastic materials such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC (rigid and flexible), polyurethane, ABS, and Styrene.  Our equipment includes 12 extrusion lines and 4 high speed Henschel type mixing blenders spread out over our 30,000 square foot manufacturing plant located in Hope Valley, Rhode Island.  Our large warehouse space also allows us to keep raw materials and finished goods on hand for various customer needs.

Industries that we serve include medical, construction, toy, marine, science & research, leisure, and industrial.

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